Shimano Bantam BT Force (JDM) Wakebait

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Shimano Bantam series's first big bait "BtForce" created to upset the bass.The concept of a bubble and splash camouflage the rear of the lure in a fast retrieve by daringly moving the hard tail with a difficult swim balance and with a wide lip.The bass which has been excited by the strong wave and big rattle that makes big bass aware of an intimidating present's, and has not been able to see that it is a lure, and the basking of the devil is done.The game is quick, if it comes out, it's big ... It is a surface system big bait with a high degree of completion.


  • Shimano Bantam BT Force (JDM) 
  • Body Length: 5 in   With Tail Length: 7 in
  • Weight: 1.7 oz   Type: Floating