Sunline Shooter Super Fluorocarbon

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Marionette Special (10-20lbs): Same formula as the original Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon, the Marionette Special offers anglers a well-rounded line for a variety of applications. Perfect for fishing a jig or smaller swimbaits, the Marionette Special offers incredible knot strength, as well as, an amazing straight strength. The ultimate combination of sensitivity and abrasion resistance, the Marionette Special will get the job done in a variety of conditions. 
  • 12 lb.   Length: 165 yards.   Standard Dia. 0.0112inch/0.285mm
  • 14 lb.   Length: 165 yards.   Standard Dia. 0.0122inch/0.310mm
  • 16 lb.   Length: 165 yards.   Standard Dia. 0.0130inch/0.330mm
  • 18 lb.   Length: 165 yards.   Standard Dia. 0.0138inch/0.350mm
  • 20 lb.   Length: 165 yards.   Standard Dia. 0.0146inch/0.370mm
  • Color/Name: Natural Clear