Sunline Structure FC Line Clear

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As the name implies, the Sunline Structure FC Fluorocarbon is built with all of the attributes necessary to effectively fish deep structure. Delivering long, smooth casts, the Sunline Structure FC Fluorocabron is constructed from Sunline’s high-density E2 raw material, which gives it incredible sensitivity – perfect for feeling small nuances along the bottom. Designed with little-to-no stretch, the Sunline Structure FC Fluorocarbon facilitates strong, instantaneous hook sets. Additionally, the Sunline Structure FC Fluorocarbon is also built with a Triple Resin Processing that gives it improved tensile strength and increased abrasion resistance for moving over sharp rocks, shells, or timber. Ideal for working football jigs, Carolina rigs, and big worms in deep water, the Sunline Structure FC Fluorocarbon has everything that an angler could want in a fishing line for deep structure. 

  • 14 lb.   Yards: 165   Dia: 0.0122 in. / 0.310 mm
  • 16 lb.   Yards: 165   Dia: 0.0130 in. / 0.330 mm
  • 18 lb.   Yards: 165   Dia: 0.0138 in. / 0.350 mm
  • 20 lb.   Yards: 165   Dia: 0.0146 in. / 0.370 mm
  • 22 lb.   Yards: 165   Dia: 0.0159 in. / 0.405 mm
  • 25 lb.   Yards: 165   Dia: 0.0171 in. / 0.435 mm