Sunline SX-1 Braided Line Deep Green

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Sunline pros, Aaron Martens and Brent Erhler provided significant input in the testing of Sunline SX1 Braid, working through numerous prototypes before SX1 was finally developed. Perfect for a variety of bass fishing applications on spinning or baitcasting setups, SX1 is some of the strongest braid ever made.

Offering greatly improved abrasion resistance over PE braided lines thanks to its new ULT-PE construction, Sunlne SX1 Braid still retains the suppleness of PE line. The enhanced abrasion resistance isn’t from applying a thick coating to bolster the material either. Instead, Sunline actually improved the raw fiber. This new design allows SX1 to maintain incredible manageability for excellent line control in any situation, and the slick line surface of the uncoated fiber brings out the longest casting distances while allowing good, tight knots to be formed. Sunline SX1 - Strong, Sensitive & Abrasion Resistant.

"SX1 has completely changed my finesse game. The 12 pound braid teamed with an 8 pound Super FC Sniper leader is my go-to combination for all spinning reel applications. Everything is better - strength, zero stretch, castability, and feel, there is no trade off when using SX1" - Brent Ehrler, FLW Tour pro.

"For years, Sunline braid was only available in Japan and to the pro fishing team. Now US anglers can find out how great it is." - Aaron Martens, Elite Series pro.

  • 10 lb.   Yards: 125    Dia. 0.0070 in. / 0.171 mm
  • 12 lb.   Yards: 125    Dia. 0.0075 in. / 0.191 mm
  • 16 lb.   Yards: 125    Dia. 0.0080 in. / 0.209 mm
  • 20 lb.   Yards: 125    Dia. 0.0100 in. / 0.242 mm
  • 30 lb.   Yards: 125    Dia. 0.0120 in. / 0.296 mm
  • 40 lb.   Yards: 125    Dia. 0.0130 in. / 0.342 mm
  • 50 lb.   Yards: 125    Dia. 0.0150 in. / 0.382 mm