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TH Tackle Zoe Top Blade

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Teji Hamada surprises us this time by exclusively presenting an ZOE TOP BLADE. TH Tackle ZOE TOP BLADE is a surface lure, which combines the full potential of a blade bait and a small swim bait, this combination gives us the very unique and attractive result for fish since they have not seen it and it becomes irresistible to eat it or just go check what it is.

It comes with hook cultivated owner, although it is not of an excessively large size we are surprised by the power of its shovel and the sound and movement of water so powerful that it emits.

TH Tackle ZOE TOP BLADE is a powerful blade bait that manages to call fish from the darkest corner of the swamp.


  • TH Tackle Zoe Top Blade
  • Length: 3-1/2 in   Weight: 1oz   Type: Floating

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