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Owl Gene Oulu Fish 7th Anniversary

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This time Owl Fish which is also an anniversary model is named "Seventh Anniba". The action response of the double joint is characterized by detail and balance setting to produce an action effect like triple joint. Normally, with this type of plug, the less joint part conducts force to the tail more and the action response becomes higher (for example, it responds with greater swing width). Conversely, when the number of joint connections increases, the force transmission force is dispersed, it is advantageous to look like a more natural action as much as joint joints instead of reducing the swing width and response. Blank is a double joint. I made a new role as a blank of the third one by inserting a new degree of freedom inside the blank with the aluminum tail parts newly made. The tail becomes resistance and rudder, suppresses the large swing width peculiar to the double joint, and works in conjunction with the blank, and the jointed tail shows a natural expression like a kicking water. In order to make use of "triple action with 2 series of responses", we set the weight balance so that it will be difficult to break the balance in the swim in the immediately lower range, as well as the approach to the water surface. Of course, as usual, the original joint shape brought about, the production during the meal by spontaneous zigzag action is also alive. And not only the tail parts but also the lip adopted the new stainless steel lip from this time, it is perfect for the anniversary model, it is a completely new "flagship model of the seventh anniversary" which is not in the past series.


  • The Owl Gene Lure's
  • Oulu Fish of the 7th Anniversary
  • Length: Nose to Tail 5-1/2 in.  
  • Weight: 1.3 oz   Type: Wake bait