The Owl Gene Lure's

Owl Gene BorBorygmus Popper

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The Owl Gene Lures BorBorygmus is a image that draws from the depths and a wide range rather than the image of a byte coming out by breaking the water surface and is drawn at the moment of entering the water by the next action.That type, weapons of this type even to "get eaten" even to the nose of the bus himself.It is also a strength to be able to produce "a stronger and bigger sound with a shorter travel distance" than a difficult "how to use”. Although it is a setting of Sleeve Hooker, wearing "W hook" which is unusual for Owl Gene's is to invite him carefully even around the structure. Setting the center of gravity balance on the blank lower side (ventral side) so that influence on action and buoyancy hardly appears even if removing the tail hook.If you invite a complex structure to tight, its effect will be demonstrated by removing the tail hook.


  • The Owl Gene Lure's BorBorygmus
  • Hand Made Wooden Lure Limited Production
  • Length: 4 in   Weight: 0.8 oz   Type: Topwater