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Owl Gene OwlGene MFJ+

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The OwlGene MFJ+ is a large-sized plug with a new concept not found on conventional cup-type lures and S-shaped big baits that have the characteristics of "S-shaped big bait" while carrying large-sized noisy cups.The "Deslow S" character that draws an arc with a greater swing than “wind on slow" enables various effects at retrieve speed.Staying longer at this point, you can also capture point spots with a table turn like pouring water in the tail.Top Water" Big Bait, which can see the body from the water and is also good at shallow (Asaba) and long throw approaches at large places.Even with the conventional lipless S-shaped plug, with lip or with different speed and direction, the active field is expanded.J + (Joint Plus) System Instead of "split" and originalize the original blank, according to the conventional lure as it is, add an extra blank (add) to produce an entirely new joint plug. It is a new attempt of its own.Our Jeans Noisy Cup Type Flat Side Lure "Muskey Filleo" Noisy Plug, but Take Advantage of Its Unique Performance with the "None Retrieve" Concept, Create Additional Blanks Matched to Maskey Filleo, J + )Did.The upper body is the same as the masky filleto, but the joint shape cut to the round shape of the rear has a sense of unity and moves naturally like a cut shape.Although it is possible to use it as a masky fillet by removing it, it is not possible to sell or customize only joint blanks.


  • The Owl Gene Lure's OwlGene MFJ+
  • Length: 7-1/4 in   Weight: 1.8 oz   Type: Topwater
  • Hand Made Wooden Lure Limited Production