ATTIC Lures has been nearly 40 years since I started making lures.There was a time when I was wondering if I was used to it.However, after a certain period of time, the work you are involved in will come to you again.I think it's the same for any job, but it's a real game and it gets interesting.Technology, techniques and materials will continue to evolve day by day.Even if you are making things as if you were a year ago, you must work with a sense of speed that will make your senses become old.The products we make are the same, but every time we produce, we choose the best method at that time in all directions, including the materials and the internal structure of the parts.Once you decide on this method, you can't think of it in a way that keeps making the same mold until it is out of print.Rather, it's not unnatural for us to discover the best way, but keep making it.Both technology and people progress every day.