OBASSLIVE MOLAMOLA is a plug that makes the basic shallow area (mainly the weed flat area) slow, while the angler manipulates it and pulls it to appeal to the eating habits. Body response that pursues swimming to make a ski (guard) to show at the moment of transition from weed to weed, rock to rock. As a by-product of pursuing one action of movement from stationary, it became a strong lure for pinching to catch fish at short distances that required pitching and short cast.While out of line slack, entangle with weeds, shake and hang-off, sometimes gentle, sometimes violently manipulate with the intention of the angler… Warming vibe comes from such a place. It ’s not just plugging anything.Because it's a shape of a vibrator, but it's not trying to make a vibrator. It's confusing. Please pull it gently with the image of “hide and seek” to the fish opponent, thinking you have been deceived.