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DUO Realis Nano Treble Hook 6pk

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Duo Realis Nano Treble Hook. Replacement treble hooks on your favorite Realis hard baits. Designed for high retention the Nano treble hooks feature a slightly outward angled hook point to convert bites into hook-ups. Made with a slick Teflon coating these treble hooks deliver rapid penetration. 


Size Product
#5 Realis Spin bait 100
Realis Pencil 100
Realis Jerk bait 120F
Realis Jerk bait 120SP
Realis Crank M62 5A
#6 Realis Spin bait 90
Realis Spin bait 72 Alpha
Realis Pencil 85
Realis Jerk bait 85SP
Realis Jerk bait 110SP
Realis Vibration 68 Apex Tune
Realis Crank 55SR Kabuki
Realis Vibration 69 G-Fix
#8 Realis Spin bait 80
Realis Spin bait 62 Alpha
Realis Pencil 65
Realis Crank 50SSR Kabuki
Realis Crank Mid Roller 40F
Realis Spin bait 80 G-Fix