Deps Sliding Jigs

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The Deps Sliding Jigs with slide fall and shaking, you're better off. The "sliding jig," which pursues a real action thoroughly, has a ship-bottom head that catches the hard bottom at a point, shows a hypersensitivity reaction even to a slight shaking while tilting left and right, and shows a movement that slides sideways into rock shades and gaps. I will. This sliding action by skidding realistically reproduces the movements of crustaceans and gobyfish of the goby family who try to escape into the shadows, leading the bass to a bite. In addition, the bottom of the mud or sandy ground is cut into the bottom, and the lip-shaped front face appeals with the action of rolling up the mud. The versatile action created by the eye position set above the tip of the head, and the avoidance performance with surprisingly little rooting, demonstrate a high total balance regardless of the location around the Leeds, the water depth. It is especially effective for manmade structures such as piers, intake towers, and fish reefs.


Sliding action inclines in hard bottom, stable bottom in wide bottom / wide head avoids obstacles such as rocks, and escapes while separating reeds and bushes. To do.