ATTIC Lures Flat B.G Jr. Swimbaits

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ATTIC Lures “ FLAT BG Jr ”is a handmade lure that has been carefully crafted with carefully selected materials one by one, based on a firm concept based on our 30 years of experience.The master body manufactured by hand carving pursues the warmth created by "people" who cannot be produced by mold production using current mainstream computers.The body made of high-buoyancy high-strength foam resin responds quickly to the reeling speed and tip action from the top to the middle range, allowing the angler to operate as he or she wants. The water landing sound during the cast, utilizing the flat body shape, is concerned with the flashy sound that echoes over a wide area, and the floating from the diving after landing is concerned with the floating that the gill floats on the surface of the water.The unique swim that twists the body creates a new genre called "floating flutter bait" and is designed to emphasize water pushing.The tail fin mounted on the tail part is not an existing silicone rubber material, but adopts a high buoyancy foaming resin material of the same material as the body, and it is a lightweight design without the risk of shape collapse, so it will have a slight water flow at the time of dead throw Also reacts sensitively, and also acts as a stabilizer during fast retrieve to prevent the body from becoming too rampy.


  • Length: 4-3/4 in   Weight: 1.7 oz   Type: Floating