ATTIC Lures LIGHTREAL 175J Swimbait

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  • Length: 175 mm  Weight: 65 grams
  • Type: Sinking


    • ATTIC Lures LIGHTREAL 175J
    • Length: 175 mm  Weight: 60 grams
    • Type: Floating


    ATTIC Lures "LIGHTREAL 175J" is a big type "SWIFT MOTION" new type that enables high speed short jerk (escape action where fish escapes) in the big bait.

    In order to realize a quick turn which suppresses the roll when turning to the left and right as much as possible, by adopting all the fin of each part made of metal (ATTIC out metal fin system), ultra low center of gravity impossible with conventional lure is possible I made it. As a result, the line troubles that occur frequently during jerking and twitching etc. can be eliminated as much as possible, and jerking at high speed becomes possible.

    A quick turn produces realistic swimming, it also has a remarkable alleviation of sinking weight and fascinating power to BASS.

    Please enjoy patterns that matched various situations with non trouble.

    * Usage Notes *

    "LIGHTREAL 175J" has sufficient durability to catch fish, but because of the nature of the material (rigid urethane resin), it is a heavy body, so it is strongly hit against obstacles or excessive use is possible as much as possible Please avoid.

    In the unlikely event that even if the paint of the body hits you, even if the paint of the body is bald, it will not be usable because it is flooded like a plastic product, so apply instantaneous adhesive etc. to the peeled part, reinforce it You can use it. The tail finish may slightly warp due to the nature of the material, but since there is no influence on movement, please use with confidence.

    Moreover, in regard to breakage in case of handling such as remodeling, please take responsibility at your own risk.