ATTIC Lures MOCOx2 Extreme Topwater

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Joined Darter Surface Plug "Mokomoko” Revival "Mokomoko", a joint darter plug that uses a cute shape with different bodies on the front and back Regardless of how it looks, you can perform a variety of actions, from wake with a straight retrieve, to swinging action with a pinpoint and popping with a strong jerk.The characteristic "hanger hook" mechanism of the front hook part is adopted to increase the bite probability from all angles with respect to the flat body, and once the hooking is decided, it also has the effect of being hard to come off. In areas where weeds and small floating dust are scattered, you can change to weedless specifications by replacing the front hook with a # 2 size triple hook or double hook.


Length: 4.5”   Weight: 1.8oz   Type: Floating