ATTIC Lures Pitch'n Crawler

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ATTIC Lures Pitch'n Crawler specialized in dead throw that can tighten tight points. It is ATTIC's first crawler bait.To adopt the duralumin made of water on the blade, in order to prevent the feather breakage etc.,Heaton which adopted sleeve on the back and aimed at strength improvement was arranged with the optimum length.Also, by pinching the nut in the screw part on the front side of the fastener, we ensure an exquisite wing opening to quickly rise as soon as landing.In addition, the body material adopted hard urethane resin, it was set to a weight which is not daringly asking for lightness and dare not to be repelled by the attack of the fish. Of course, it corresponds also to the first retrieve, and it was finished to reliable performance in every scene.


  • ATTIC Lures  Pitch'n Crawler
  • Length: 4-1/2 in   Weight: 70 grams
  • Type: Crawler Bait   Body Material: Rigid urethane resin
  • Blades: Duralumin