ATTIC Lures Super Poet20 Topwater

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The ATTIC Lures SUPER POET 20 is a common concept of ATTIC lures "irregular trajectory change Designed on the basis of super big pencil. I irregularity trajectory change" is a movement with diversity that does not move regularly with a certain pattern. The SUPER POET 20 basically becomes the genre of dog walk pencil, Like a conventional dog-walking pencil bait, there is no such thing as swinging your neck cleanly to the right or left. There are no fish that I'm thinking of doing dog walks nicely or pleasant skating when fish escape. When you see a running fish while doing a boiling, you desperately want to swim without waving your side. SUPER POET 20 faithfully reproduces the escape action which desperately escapes in a non-pattern while irregularly interworking multiple actions (splash, dart, dog walk) etc. rather than swimming a certain distance cleanly. Moreover, despite the large-sized pencil called 200 mm, exquisite action can be drawn out with relatively simple operation. However, since it is a BIG size pencil even if it is easy to say, although it is physically burdensome to fluff to continue throwing all day, a wonderful experience waits for it to do it. As an indication of how to operate, please wind it as fast as possible with images like sea GT games. You to can experience a wonderful byte of Big Fish.


  • ATTIC Lures Super Poet20
  • Length: 8 in   Weight: 3.9oz.   Type: Top water