Damiki Fishing Tackle

Damiki Fishing Tackle 3/4 oz Back Drop Spoon 2.5”

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Built for a vertical presentation, the Damiki Back Drop Spoon shines in cold water when the fish are inactive. It produces a unique fluttering action that’s deadly on deep suspended fish. Unlike traditional spoons, it also features a keeled-shaped body that produces a slow side-to-side falling action, which keeps it in the strike zone for longer periods of time. The Back Drop Spoon comes equipped with two Owner Cultiva Single Hooks that greatly reduce the chances of it getting snagged in cover. The hooks also come with mylar accents for added flash and fish attracting power.  Available in a variety of unmatched color schemes, the Damiki Back Drop Spoon is a perfect sized baitfish imitation designed to get those finicky, suspended fish to bite.