Decoy Screw Hook Worm 106 2pk

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The Decoy Screw Worm106 Hook gives your favorite baits an added element of attraction that will make them stand out in deep or stained waters. Built with a smooth-running prop blade, the Decoy Screw Worm106 Hook produces a subtle flash and a buzzing vibration that bass love. Also, the Decoy Screw Worm106 Hook slows down the baits descent to give it a natural falling action without any extra effort. To keep baits locked in place, The Decoy Screw Worm106 Hook is designed with a wide gap and an offset shoulder bend that accommodates a wide-variety of soft plastic baits. On the drop or the retrieve, the Decoy Screw Worm106 Hook has that little something extra that will “propel” you into first place. Decoy is a small Japanese company based out of the city of Nishiwaki. They are dedicated to providing anglers with the highest-quality fishing tackle for the most cutting-edge techniques on either side of the Pacific. All Decoy products are backed by a strict quality control and made with an unwavering commitment to excellence that makes them ready to catch right out of the package.