Deps 8" Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait 4pk

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Deps 8” Sakamata Shad with a keels on both sides of the body, this stick bait naturally creates a bounce-up dart action that the bait fish shows just by setting the hook, and easily switches on the predation instinct of the bass.In a no sinker, ayu and lotus escape to the surface of the water, jumping up from the surface of the dart action that occasionally jumps out of the water, and even in the split shot or the bottom range of a Carolina rig, you will notice the bus and suddenly hide and disappear If you do this, you will be able to demonstrate the performance of "Sakamata Shad" and guide you to a bite easily.


 NORMAL material:SALT 5%(36.5g)  HOOK SIZE:#6/0 OFFSET HOOK