Deps B Custom 1/2 oz Spinnerbait (DW)

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The Deps Spinnerbait "B Custom", which has been used by hunters who pursue Huge Bass with a track record that hasn't faded since its debut.Dep's work as a lure maker is perfection that is based on an actual fishing test based on the solid concept of “capturing a big bass” and a setting that was selected based on the results. Continues Its extraordinary performance kills many monsters so far and has built a solid position as a spinner bait indispensable for big bus aiming, but unrivaled bite triggering ability, operability, durability, castability The total balance that leads to is highly regarded as a search bait inherent in spinner baits. The “B Custom” that built the foundation of the development stance in the depth lure after that has been supported by many anglers for a long time, because it maintains unchanging quality and unwavering ability.