Deps Balisong Minnow Longbill 130 (SF) Jerkbait

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With the Balisong Minnow Long-bill 130 SF, deps owner and chief lure designer Kazu Okumura desired to create a new concept lure for big bass – a big profile, natural minnow body combined with an oversized bill like you find on a deep-diving crank bait. Okumura desired to produce a new concept big bait for big bass that you can still crash into riprap, bounce off rocks and other structure because of the oversized bill – but not have an overpowering wide wobbling crank bait action. Instead, the action is a tighter rolling and flashing action.A crank bait features a bulbous rotund body that makes an attention-getting wide wobble and you can say it’s even an obnoxious lure. Throwing a crank bait over and over in the same area is a proven method to make a bass so annoyed that it attacks the boisterous crank bait out of ire.With the Balisong Long-bill, it features more of a natural silhouette, fluid flashing and has a more natural baitfish allure with a tight, shuddering wiggle. When bass behave spookily, especially in clear water where they can’t be repeatedly harassed or bullied into biting, that’s where the natural Balisong Long-bill minnow can produce better than the uncouthly crank bait.


  • Deps Balisong Minnow Longbill 130
  • Length: 5 in.  Weight: 3/4 oz.  
  • Depth: 8 to 11 ft.  Type: Slow Floating