Deps DC-400 Cascabel Crankbaits

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The Deps "DC-400 Cascavel", developed to catch big bass, is equipped with a big-size hook that can withstand a formidable fight, and wide weave rolls, weeds and obstacles that won't deteriorate even with slow retrieve by heavy lines. It is a heavy duty deep diver with high buoyancy that can be cleared firmly.In addition to the long cast performance by the resin tungsten moving weight, the lip shape that senses to pick up the bottom even in the weed area, and the setting with sufficient buoyancy to make the obstacle scratch the floating surface, weed bottom Lead the Big Bass to the byte with a trace that gives up.In addition, even under the circumstances where many short-handed teeth that only touch jig worms, it has been proved that the method of bottom contact like squeezing a Texas rig hooks up automatically and sometimes exerts remarkable power. Appealing in the form of intimidation sound and baitfish-like form that deep range "DC-400 cascabel" realizes new heavy duty cranking.


  • Deps DC-400 Cascabel
  • Length: 85mm   Weight: (27g) 0.8 oz
  • Depth: over 4 meters   Type: Floating