Deps 4.5" DEATHADDER Twin-Tail Grub 6pk

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Deps "Deathadder Grab Twin Tail" is a twin tail grab with appealing power comparable to buzz baits and spinner baits with intense wave and water push with an unprecedented thick tail.The high specific gravity and bulky body which raised the salt content compared with the conventional depth worm not only makes it possible to make long-casting easier even with no sinkers, but also a material that is not too soft, leaving moderate tension, It alleviates troubles such as body slippage and tightness of the tail, making it possible for a wide range of attacks.Deathadder Grab Twin Tail "with vibration enough to feel vibrations in the deserder form" has bathed many achievements with the bugging frog method with no sinker as well as jig trailer swimming and flipping.