Deps 5" DEATHADDER Hog Creature Bait 6pk

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The Deps "Death Adder Hog" featuring a full volume arm and a silhouette consisting of a flat body realistically reproduces the bulky crayfish like an ambush type big bass with crustaceans as the main bait and captures a phenomenal big bass capture I have marked the rate.The unique form with neck in the head is like a crayfish that kicks back and escapes The action to make the entire body flutter up and down is not only for Texas Rig, but also for cover capture by jig / trailer and deep flapping method In addition to high-level correspondence, even the rear foot and the two pin tails that vibrate tightly appeal even to slow falls, and even Carolina rig and no sinker rig surely stimulate the eating habits of the bass. "Death Adder Hog" shows outstanding ability as a big bass killer that can obviously pick over the average over.