Deps EVOKE 1.8 Crankbaits

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Deps EVOKE is a heavy-cover crank bait that was born from the concept of "must be a tool that increases the efficiency of fishing." Do not dare hit the cover after avoiding the cover, rise straight up quickly, and aim for the action pitch as fast as possible by repeating many trials and errors to exceed the original image Tool ”. Pitching in narrow waterways where casting is unacceptable, targeting small bushes and lay downs, narrow bass in strike zones that do not want to stay away from vegetation, even jigs and spots that seemed to be Texas's dominant places until now This crank bait has the potential to change to a different stage.


  • Deps EVOKE 1.8 Crankbait
  • Length: 2.16 in   Weight: 0.40 oz   Depth: 4 to 6 ft