Deps EVOKE 4.0 Magnum Crank

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Deps EVOKE 4.0 Magnum Crank is by eliminating any waste such as partition boards and carefully reviewing the body wall thickness and ensuring a large hollow room as far as possible, the balance between the top and bottom of the body is set up so that it rises up quickly like a small priest. Excellent body balance realizes a different dimension ultra high pitch action that was considered impossible with conventional ABS lures. In addition, it stands up quickly after avoiding obstacles and grasps the water firmly even in a narrow cover to appeal. Even at the flight distance, which is said to be the biggest weakness of fixed weights, by reducing the body shape, air resistance is reduced and casting without stress is possible. In order to take advantage of the lure genre "crankbait" that can be wound quickly, the pull resistance has been cut to the maximum as long as the obstacle avoidance performance is not impaired. From full cast to pitching, it is a setting that responds to every cranking scene at a high level.


  • Deps EVOKE 4.0 Magnum Crank
  • Length: 3.93 in   Weight: 1.99 oz   Depth: 9 to 11 ft.