Deps Ganoblade Flutter Spoons

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Deps"Ganoblade" born as a complete reaction bait that drops a bass that does not respond with a delicate approach or a slow invitation, with a blow, is a casting spoon that has been completed after 2 years of testing. Besides wobbling base action, flushing and irregular rolling accompanied with random orbital change as weapon, the body curved in S shape meanders while causing irregular action accompanied by flushing, and shows no reaction in food quality. There is a marvelous potential that the bus in the neutral state uses the mouth reflexively. Its amazing characteristics cover not only the straight retrieve but also the countdown and the lift & fall, and it covers a wide range from shallow to deep range, even if you contact so that the swim posture of the falls licks tetra or lip wrap We search efficiently by avoiding hanging. Deps "Ganoblade" which has overwhelming distance and a factor that attracts a wide range of buses will teach a completely new world of detaining the bass with a complete reaction byte.


  • Deps GANOBLADE Flutter Spoon
  • Length: 3 in (72mm)