Deps PulseCod Popper

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Deps PulseCod Popper as its name suggests, the Pulsecod sends out recurrent rhythmic beats, waves and vibrations as the internal spring weight knocks against the plastic body, even at rest. This one of a kind action is truly a first in the world or artificial lures as Deps of Kyoto, Japan has found a way to convince even the wariest fish to eat even when they are finicky and not in a feeding mood. The Pulsecod performs best on 14- to 16-lb. fluorocarbon, and features an extra wide flat cupped mouth which allows it to catch more water and create a distinctive boiling sound when popped. However, this bait really shines when left to rest after three quick pops of the rod. Left at rest, the head turns into a bobble head and continues to bounce for up to 10 seconds, emitting a tantalizing sound and vibrations without any effort from the angler. 


  • Deps PulseCod Popper
  • Length: 3-1/8 in.   Weight: 1/2 oz.   Type: Topwater