Deps Slide Swimmer 115 NEW Swimbaits

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The Deps Slideswimmer 115 is based on the concept of weak wave motion and soft sound, the unique structure that wraps the core body in a soft shell deceives the big bass with its ultra-realistic presence, from silhouette and action to wave motion, and has built up numerous achievements. It is a 115mm size slide swimmer that inherits the fishing ability of "" and is downsized to the baitfish size that exists in every field. The core body sublimates into an "ABS resin hollow core", and with a sharper and sharper dirt action, it has a tremendous effect of killing a selective big bass that reacts to big baits but does not follow with light rigs with a single blow. Demonstrate. The unique and realistic swimming action is powerful enough to lead even a tough small field spooked bass to a bite without any discomfort, so it is also highly effective as a search bait for exploring a wide area.


  • Length: 4-3/4 in   Weight: 3/4 oz   Type: Slow Sinking