Deps Slither-K Frog

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The Deps Slither-K soft body frog was designed to be fished in the thickest cover and structure imaginable. The unorthodox body profile and balancing system were strategically calculated to make the Slither-K a standout in a crowded marketplace. The cupped sides create an overwhelming presence in the water by producing an incredible amount of turbulence. The center weight positioning makes it exceptionally simple to work. With a continuous retrieve, this lure will walk the dog and create short quick turns unlike any other lure on the market. The speedy side to side action over all forms of cover will trigger hunger strikes from even the most finicky bass. The super soft material combined with the custom precisely-angled hook make the Slither-K extremely weedless. At the same time, it has an excellent hook up ratio. If frogging is your game, then the Slither-K is a must for your arsenal.


  • Deps Slither-K 
  • Length: 2-1/4 in.   Weight: 3/8 oz.   Type: Topwater