Deps Spiral Minnow Wake Bait

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The DEPS Spiral Minnow redefines the concept of a "wake bait." This noisy prop bait, shaped like a minnow, has an uncanny ability to get fickle bass to attack. Just like its older brother the Buzzjet, this wake bait is very effective on the surface or just beneath it. The flatter sides produce a sharper and quicker wobble and roll when retrieved, giving the savvy angler two options waking options depending on the mood of the fish. Most wake baits are only effective when retrieved slowly, but the Spiral Minnow also excels with medium and fast retrieves. The prop continuously causes a ruckus with a bubble trail and a fish calling clanking sound. It sports three Owner hooks so your bass not only gets hooked, it stays hooked. Different conditions call for different baits. Find out for yourself why the Spiral Minnow has quickly become one of Japan`s top wake baits.


  • Length: 4-1/2 in.   Weight: 7/8 oz.   Type: Wake Bait