Deps WAKASAGI BAIT Finesse Lipless Minnow

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Deps match the wakasagi. "Wakasagi Bait" is an i-shaped lipless minnow with a unique body shape that allows baitfish to perform panic actions that make them escape.The floating model, which produces beautiful pulling waves and shows a stable i-shaped action, has a high fish collecting power that attracts bass even in dead sticking floating on the water surface, but once rod action is added, the bait fish is attacked by predators and flutters in a hurry. Creates a water crest like this. In addition, the low resistance body that eliminates unevenness as much as possible and widens the dirt width makes the bass more interested in the panic action that pops out of the water surface and brings it to the bite. This panic action leads you to a bite with an unpredictable dirt action that baitfish escapes even in a sinking model that can aim under the water.




FLOATING: 2-3/4 in body   WEIGHT: 3.5g

SINKING:   2-3/4 in body   WEIGHT: 4.3g