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The DSTYLE D-BLADE is egg-shaped, with a original stainless steel blade with a thickness of 0.3 mm not only achieves a stable action in a straight orbit that does not stagger even if it rises well and is very fast, it also acts firmly in a curve fall and stresses until fishing of the fall Do it.The interference sound between the ultra-thin stainless steel blade and the wire becomes a high-pitch ticking sound in the high frequency range, stimulating the eating habits of the bass.The egg-shaped blade has only a 10 degree range of movement, forcing the super-high-pitch action of the blade to the body, allowing the body and trailer to roll and appeal to the bass.In addition, the blade that minimizes the range of motion avoids the problem of the blade turning over and locking after casting.Thorough pursuit of the ability to avoid the cover, adopting a 3D guard that does not hinder hooking using a shape memory alloy for the vertical structure, and responding to the horizontal structure by extending the front arm upwards I have.This front arm not only improves the evasion ability but also amplifies the action of the blade and transmits it to the body.Regardless of the shape of the 3D guard and the angle at which the hooks are attached, the hooking force is outstanding even for a bite that tends to be gripped from behind, often in bladed jigs.