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The head shape on the DSTYLE D-SPIKER Spinnerbait is a simple form designed to always orient the head directly down, emphasizing stability during slipping and swimming.Blade shape:Emphasis on rising and light rotation, adopting the original blade finished in the ultimate with a flat back end.Visually it was able to finish to a spinnerbait which can move to a big moving movement, a light thin blade, weak water push, and an inverse element, even for a nervous bass and also at a tournament.With a movable upper arm because it is a mobile type, the lure does not turn at the time of casting, realizing an overwhelming far distance with no stress even by a head wind.Moderate weedless effect and the arm did not interfere with the hook at the time of cutting, it led to a significant increase in the hooking rate.Also the movable part is controlled to the optimum angle for trouble prevention caused by interference with the hook and the line.As the arm becomes movable, the moving part joint absorbs the moment of twisting due to the rotation of the blade, realizing outstanding stability of straight swimming without collapse even if it is suddenly pulled.