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DUO Realis 100SP Jerkbaits

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DUO Realis 100 Jerk-bait. When angler thinks of jerkbaits in today market, what attribute is most important. While fancy colors and scale patterns provide realism it is still the lure’s “action” that prioritized an angler`s jerkbait selection. DUO has went beyond the angler’s desire when it comes refined jerkbait fishing. Jerkbait 100SP uses a refined and updated fixed ballast system to grant the lure a lower center of gravity. Its ballast system also provides stable movement in the water and is responsive to a variety of retrieves. Realis Jerk-bait 100SP has the best of all worlds, balanced retrieve, specific body rotation to give off a pronounced wobble and precise gait during lure’s tack-movement (side to side cadence). The taller, flatter sides of the lure provide a larger profile giving an impression a bigger baitfish and also provide wider band of flashing to improve detection of the lure at a distance.


  • DUO Realis 100SP Jerk bait
  • Length: 3-7/8 in   Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Depth: 2 to 5 ft.   Type: Suspending (Fixed Weight)