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DUO Realis Mid Roller 40F Crankbait

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DUO Realis Mid Roller 40F is a bite-sized rolling crank bait with a small body. A shallow range crank bait that adapts to modern busses with a soft rolling action for high pressure fields and a bite-sized silhouette. The origin of the name is "MID (mid) = middle class" "Roller (roller) = roll" means that the location of the bus is accurately sought by rolling action as if the middle class was carried out in a wide range roller operation A crankbait that can take a high pressure bath. It realizes a different dimension flight distance from the internal weight structure and can be used for spinning tackle and bait tackle. A crank bait that can attract the bass with a puddle roll action efficiently over a wide area like a vibration in the middle layer and suppress the movement distance with a buoyancy that does not jump up from the bottom even when knocking the bottom and bring it to a reaction bite.



  • DUO Realis Mid Roller 40F Crankbait
  • Length: 2 in (40mm)   Weight: 3/16 oz (5.3g)
  • Depth: 4 to 6 ft (1.2 to 1.8m)   Type: Floating