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DUO Realis Onimasu 188F Swimbait Floating

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  • Length: 7-2/5 in.   Weight: 2-1/2 oz.   Depth: 0 to 2 ft.
  • Type: Floating (Fixed Weight)


The Prometheus Project began in 2013. Famed lure designer, Mr. Adachi’s desired a unique platform which could accompany his design expertise and intricate understanding of lure actions fusing them together with his advanced high resolution imaging and painting technology.

Lure actions like “S-curve” where studied are deemed as effective for certain lure developments. The Prometheus Project further included DUO’s fusion of trademark painting and advanced printing process. The finished product is awe inspiring and shockingly realistic.

Welcome to the Prometheus Project: Onimasu The focus on this lure was to acquire a true S-curve motion distinctive different from saturated actions being depicted in the industry. This lure’s vector (course of travel) is influence by the lure’s unique profile and fore-region. Its fluxion (or velocity) is dictated by line tension and reel retrieve. It is versatile and can be guided by an array of gear ratios from a selected reel. The intention is to offer the swim motion through a variety of retrieves. Most slalom or affectionately called glide baits provide a relative shallow ‘sway and yaw’ motion. They show less ability to glide far beyond the centerline of travel. In fact, many take on the resemblance of “tacking” or a fluid “walk the dog” routine.