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DUO Realis Spinbait 80 i-class series

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The compact, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic body of the Spinbait 80 produces significant parabolic momentum when cast; activates, multi-directional actions and vibrational wave lengths when retrieved. In a single cast, these built-in attributes allow Spinbait 80 to trace deeper zones longer. Paired propellers rotate against disks causing a distinct audible pitch and a compressed vibration called “micro-pulsing”. The cupped propeller configuration displaces soft but turbid water along the lure’s body-line releasing what is called “plum-effect”. Plum-effect is actually detected by the bass frontal nerve network is striated through the fore-region of the bass helping the bass feel pressure and vibration. This sensory matrix integrates with the bass instinctive predatory and territory responses.



  • DUO Realis Spinbait 80 (i-class series)
  • Length: 3-1/8 in   Weight: 3/8 oz   Depth: 7 to 12 ft
  • Type: Sinking (Fixed Weight)