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Evergreen BreamSlide JDM Swimbait

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Evergreen BreamSlide is a Reaction Big Bait that destroys monster instincts. Realism .. The bluegill floating big bait, Brim slide, which was particular about the action that should be attacked, as well as the appearance. Starting with lightning speed bits immediately after landing, as well as flat side bodies with height, spine and tail fins, etc., we are good at rapid deployment, such as each fin moving a lot of water and finding a big bath at the same time. will do.But in the roll, imitating the way that Bluegill and Funa run away when speed is increased.The high-pitched water-escaping action evokes recourse."Guriguri!" Instantly wind the reel fast or insert a jerk with a rod to produce a sliding dirt and dive action like cutting.In the subsequent Rising Action, it will push up and trigger a collapsing byte. The intense strikes produced from these actions are just proof of what should be attacked. In addition, it is possible to set off an offensive strike chance without missing a great strike chance by the design which eliminated the trouble which is common to this kind of lure such as the line entanglement to the hook at the time of the jerk to the limit 3 oz. Class floating model.The fast-paced realism sought by Toshifumi Kikumoto. Brim Slide, an aggressive reaction Big Bait that destroys the monster's instinct as being attacked. Suspend, slow thinking tune easily by sticking weight seal. Realism is also effective in deployments where slow temperatures and tough times are required to slow down.


Evergreen BreamSlide Swimbait Length: 5-1/2 in Weight: 3 oz Type: Floating