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Flash Union Speed Killer Minnow Lure

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The Flash Union Speed Killer with a response enough to move just by putting the line at the same time as landing, you can continue to move only by taking a slack and in slow retrieve you can swim with a notatorota like a bait weaked just below the water surface. In turn, in the first retrieve, it transforms into an ultra high speed pitch shad. Speed killer is all speed correspondence shad equipped with variable lip. In addition, the speed killer swimming in a posture close to horizontal alleviates the stack with obstacles and produces a movement like bait that "bounces off" the bottom.Hira-shot flash" which enables the height of the potential to hit the wead also intensely appeals to the bus. Furthermore, when retrieving is stopped, the levitation starts while swinging the neck to the left and right. Even if you stop, you will induce a bus byte with live feeling. "Speed killer" which can be used continuously for all speeds, regardless of the season, opens a new world of shadow. 


  • Flash Union Speed Killer
  • Length: 60 mm.  Weight: 7.2 grams.  
  • Depth: Max 1.5 m.