Gamakatsu Short-Shank Round Bend Magic Eye Treble Hooks

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In response to overwhelming demand from anglers, Gamakatsu introduces its Magic Eye Short Shank Treble Hooks. Designed for hard bait applications, the Short Shank increases the hook size of your baits while still maintaining a compact profile in the water. The short shank design won't foul as much, helping you get away with using a bigger hook around cover. Gamakatsu's unique Magic Eye design also allows you to change your treble hooks more quickly and efficiently. A great system for opening split rings without having to use split ring pliers, simply insert the tapered hook-eye into the split ring to easily open it and change out your hook. The Gamakatsu Magic Eye Short Shank Treble Hooks allow you to get away with a bigger hook size in a smaller profile - perfect for use on crankbaits, traps, etc.