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Gan Craft Lures OSA 115 Wakebaits

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The Gan Craft OSA 115 is designed to motor slightly above and just below the surface, the Gan Craft OSA (Over Swimming Action)115 produces massive amounts disturbance with its thick body, broad bill, and booming rattle. Delivering a distinctive nose-down attitude, the Gan Craft OSA 115 was engineered to have 3cm of its tail out of the water, and 3 cm of its body in the water. This presentation accomplishes two objectives. On the top of the water, the blunt tail sticks out just enough to create a feverish surface disturbance. Underneath the water, the broad bill displaces a great deal of water and puts off a massive amount of attraction. The futuristic shape of the Gan Craft OSA 115 also features a devastating three-part rattle system that delivers an intense amount of noise.


  • Gan Craft OSA 115 Wake bait
  • Length: 4-1/2 in.   Weight: 1.7 oz.   Type: Floating