GETNET 4.4" Juster bait Burikin Jr. Swimmer

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Straight from Owner Japan the ultimate dead slow retrieve enabled, Okappari compatib swim bait the development concept is swim bait which can retrieve 50 cm immediately under the water surface with the ultimate dead throw. Chase to the side just as if to see the movement of the lure, but realized a secret action to let the genius decabass of the field pond to use the mouth. The goodness of water biting to swim even at short trace points just after landing. In addition, by minimizing the roll of the body as much as possible, by slightly swinging the head laterally, it is difficult to get out and it is possible to make a byte chance UP. Moreover, with exquisite body balan ceit corresponds also to all speed, such as being able to retrieve without breaking the balance from the ultimate dead throw to the early withdrawal of the surface layer.further. It is not a big bait exclusive tackle but realizes the size feeling and weight that can be cast with MH power rods, and a swim bait that can not be missed in an OK pallet was born.

  • Burikin Jr.  Length: 4.4 in