GETNET Juster Fish Shad Tail

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Shad-type soft bait that can handle any range at a high level The development concept is a shad type soft bait that supports all ranges at a high level. Applicable in various ranges such as no sinker rig on the surface layer, midst on the middle layer, jig head rig near the bottom and down shot rig. By adopting low specific gravity material for the body material and providing two air holes on the back, it can express an oblique standing posture where the bait fish plugs the bottom. In addition, since the tail is shaken by the lake current without giving any action, it continues to appeal naturally to the slender bass. Furthermore, by adopting a flat body, you can produce a flipping action, so you can also induce a reaction bite.


Length: 2.5 in Quantity: 9 pk
Length: 3.5 in Quantity: 8 pk
Length: 4.5 in Quantity: 7 pk
Length: 5.5 in Quantity: 6 pk