GETNET Juster Fish 5.5" 6pk

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GETNET Justier Fish's 5.5-inch model that can handle any range at a high level

The development concept is a shad type soft bait that supports all ranges at a high level.Applicable in various ranges such as no sinker rig on the surface layer, midst on the middle layer, jig head rig near the bottom or straight rig. The 5.5in, the maximum size of the Juster Fish series, has a weight of 9-10g, so you can get a sufficient flight distance even with a no sinker rig. In addition, the flushing effect of the flat body at this size is very high, and it can be said that it is a particularly effective model when aiming at the size by reaction. Of course, in the field with the same size bait fish, you can especially expect big bass fishing.