Huge Pencil Skater (Sound Type)

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Deps Magnum-sized pencil bait "HUGE Pencil" was born to win the record class.The tremendous vibration that the body over 200 mm emits on the surface of the water creates a feeding scene of a bait that escapes and a fish eater that preys on the bait, and it inhabits the water area that did not react with the big bait that traces just below the surface of the water. It stimulates the predatory instinct of the big bass.The lineup includes a "walker" with strong water pressure and a "skater" with light skating, which can be adjusted to the situation in the field.The sluggishness of the action consisting of the magnum size is converted into a sharp action by increasing the internal capacity and increasing the buoyancy.In addition, the variable balance system that attracts the sound type with irregular action and unique sound will show a high fish collecting effect."HUGE Pencil" has a catching power that works well for bass, snook, sea bass, and monster fish with high bite force, so swivels are used for the penetrating wire and hook eye, and it has specifications that do not spill the hung fish.



Length: 8.85 inches (225mm)    Weight: 3.7 oz