Imakatsu 3D Gillroid Baby Swimbaits

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In the Gilloid series, which has become a winning bait in many tournaments, the smallest size Gilroid baby with excellent utility has been born while maintaining its significance as a big bait.

The biggest feature of Gilroid Baby is that it has a removable lip.The purpose is to strengthen the braking force during ultra-dead slow action in the low water temperature period, and to use it as a large flat side crank mainly in Mad Lake.

Of course, if you remove the lip and attach the boot tail, you can do big batting like Gilloid Junior. In that case, the best performance can be achieved by adjusting to a super dead slow fall that stands on the bottom with one front hook.


Length: 120mm (Boots Tail)   Length: 105mm (Flat Tail)

Weight: 1/2 oz   Type: Slow Floating

Lip: Removeable (with lip = crankbait, without lip = swimbait)