Imakatsu Big Bats Crankbaits

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The Imakatsu Big Bats is a Random Orbiting System Big Crank.It inherited the fully automated staggered system of Waddle Bats,Big bat that was upsized to enhance appeal.Just by winding at a constant speed, it will be automatic. As irregular zigzag action occurs,Kudaka Imashi Tuned Big Bats who once dominated the world.It reminds me. High buoyancy of large body and random staggered action, And the metal sound of the blade does not rely on anything and it moves around the middle stratum I will invite a bass of different dimension to the water surface.


  • Imakatsu Big Bats Crankbaits
  • Length: 6.1cm.  Weight: 14 grams.  Type: Sub-Surface