Imakatsu CoFunazzy Swimbait

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Hand craftsmanship by “Selected” hardwood, COFUNAZZY is the middle size big baits within IMAKATSU series for everyone to catch Big Bass! Irresistible natural actions with great fish attracting silhouette, COFUNAZZY captures water and turn into appealing wave motions to defiant Big Bass ! Giving perfect striking time by its long silhouette, COFUNAZZY fits not only in the major fields but shows perfection to middle size ponds. Yet flat sided body design seems less appealing, it has deadly bait like impact on the surface, and its length gives enough floating capacity. Fins are made of fine carbonated plastics avoid artificial wobbling, keel like functions are refined by its tail which is customized with the soft plastic materials. Experience an ultimate natural wave motions with new deadly baits actions.Flexible to fisherman’s demands, sensitively react to any action by your rod. There are fishes out there which can only be caught by COFUNAZZY!



  • Length: 6-3/4 in.   Weight: 2 oz.  
  • Type: Floating